Centaur ranking-32 in SMRSC


Centaur Sinarest 2 Rx per second


Centaur sinarest brand of the year AWACS


Gold – AWACS

India is among the world’s fastest growing pharmaceutical markets, but Centaur has been consistently out growing the Indian pharmaceutical market for the past two decades. Centaur ranks 36th in prescriptions (SMSRC) and 50th in sales (AWACS). (Click here to view our MD’s interview)

Centaur 1500 sales force

Centaur has Pan-India operations with its own 1465 strong sales force. Centaur’s six divisions command a strong cachet among ENT surgeons, paediatricians, physicians, chest physicians, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, nephrologists and neurologists. Our sales team covers over 200,000 doctors and 200,000 pharmacies every month to generate around 80 million prescriptions annually across India. (Check latest news on Centaur)

Centaur’s superior brand building and life cycle management capabilities have helped catapult their brands to the leadership position in multiple therapeutic sub-groups across the respiratory and ophthalmologicals categories. Seventeen brands rank number 1 in their category, twenty brands rank number 2 in their category and six brands rank number 3 in their category. (Check for news on Brand building)

Centaur superior brand building

Centaur sinarest leader 20 years

Sinarest, Centaur’s flagship brand, is the clear leader in the intensely competitive anti cold segment for two decades, braving strong international, domestic, regional, herbal and OTC competition. Sinarest has been conferred the prestigious Gold- ‘Brand of the Year’– among pharmaceutical brands by AIOCD-AWACS. Prescription audits confirm that 2 prescriptions of Sinarest are prescribed every second by a doctor in India! (Click here to view the latest news)

Centaur is focused on building brands, increasing presence in the chronic segment and improving its sales spread across geographies to ensure consistent and balanced growth. Centaur has a sizeable and fast growing institutional business with supplies to prestigious government institutions and hospitals, as well as corporate hospitals.

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